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RIP Clyde aka Cleezy

RIP Clyde aka Cleezy published on No Comments on RIP Clyde aka Cleezy

Clyde Thelonius Robinson, the last surviving member of the APNF crew, passed away unexpectedly this afternoon. He was one month shy of his 5th birthday.

Clyde was a mild-mannered, goofy dog who loved to sit on top of his doghouse in the rain. I did my best to capture his peculiar nature and goofiness in the webcomic.

He is preceded in death by his biological brother, Iggy (who died of parvo as a puppy) and A Pug Named Fender (who died of heartworms). He never had any puppies – although there was that one time he got loose in 2010 and came back home very relaxed…so who knows :)

Clyde is survived by his other adoptive brother, Bucee, a chihuahua-westie mix who is also depicted in a few episodes of APNF.

I created this webcomic as a way of coping with APNF’s death and I always found peace in knowing that Clyde was still with us. Occasionally, when I would bring him food, I’d remind Clyde that he was a “superstar” on the internet.

Now he’s in doggie paradise with his brothers, his legacy will also live on as I take this webcomic to greater heights in 2013 and beyond.

RIP Clyde {22 February 2008 – 8 January 2013}


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