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The Etymology of APNF

The Etymology of APNF published on No Comments on The Etymology of APNF

A Pug Named Fender is a derivative of the three elements in which it embodies: the passion of soul music, the braggadocio energy of hip hop and the colorful imagery of illustration.


Fender comes from the Fender Rhodes electric piano, which is a dominant instrument in soul music compositions dating back to the late 60s. I own a Fender Rhodes Mark I – which I saved for years, spent countless hours on eBay and more hours restoring myself. It represents my commitment to soul music and is APNF’s true namesake.

A Tribe Called Quest is one of the most influential hip hop groups of my coming-of-age years (their career span is parallel to my high school and collegiate path). I once drove from Ball State University to Purdue University (approx. 111 miles) listening to nothing but “Lyrics to Go” on repeat. . . smh. They were the soundtrack to my adult discovery and, ironically, a time where I abandoned my gift of drawing for my gift of music.

A Pimp Named Slickback, while blatantly a play on ATCQ, is one of the strongest supporting characters in one of my favorite cartoons,The Boondocks. This kind of brings it all full circle as theillustration and music come together.

My goal is for APNF to be to soul music what The Boondocks has been for hip hop.

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