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RIP Clyde aka Cleezy

RIP Clyde aka Cleezy published on No Comments on RIP Clyde aka Cleezy

Clyde Thelonius Robinson, the last surviving member of the APNF crew, passed away unexpectedly this afternoon. He was one month shy of his 5th birthday.

Clyde was a mild-mannered, goofy dog who loved to sit on top of his doghouse in the rain. I did my best to capture his peculiar nature and goofiness in the webcomic.

He is preceded in death by his biological brother, Iggy (who died of parvo as a puppy) and A Pug Named Fender (who died of heartworms). He never had any puppies – although there was that one time he got loose in 2010 and came back home very relaxed…so who knows :)

Clyde is survived by his other adoptive brother, Bucee, a chihuahua-westie mix who is also depicted in a few episodes of APNF.

I created this webcomic as a way of coping with APNF’s death and I always found peace in knowing that Clyde was still with us. Occasionally, when I would bring him food, I’d remind Clyde that he was a “superstar” on the internet.

Now he’s in doggie paradise with his brothers, his legacy will also live on as I take this webcomic to greater heights in 2013 and beyond.

RIP Clyde {22 February 2008 – 8 January 2013}


Torn and Conflicted

Torn and Conflicted published on No Comments on Torn and Conflicted

I’m a bit conflicted.

Since the beginning of 2012, my plight to be 100% digital and mobile with my artwork has consumed me. It has taken me to unchartered territories online, broadened my knowledge and infiltrated my wallet. I’ve traded my moleskines and notepads for a Wacom tablet and iPad. My trusty 2HB pencil and black eraser has been upgraded to my Sketchbook Pro app and Adonit Jot stylus. I have achieved the dream of creative efficiency and increased productivity.

So why do I feel like I’ve betrayed my analog ways?

I still have pencils that have never been sharpened. Brand new Bristol paper drawing pads lay next to my wooden drafting table. Those expensive drawing markers? Okay, I don’t miss shelling out $20-30 every couple of months for them. But it doesn’t feel right to abandon the tools that have fueled my creativity long before Photoshop, Illustrator and MacBooks were invented.

As much as I love creating on a digital platform in a new and exciting way, I believe there’s still a place in my life for good ol’ pencil and paper. There isn’t a law hat says I can’t have it both ways. I focused so much on improving my digital prowess, it seemed rooted in replacing my competencies moreso than adding to them.

The purpose of seeking digital/ mobile drawing options was to give my webcomic the most crisp, polished look and feel possible. Moving forward, I’ll still keep my old standbys on deck for more ancillary creations like my Fave Doodles or random designs for clients, friends, etc.

I love the digital age and what it has done to evolve the creative process. But hard drives crash. LCD screens crack. Logic and motherboards die. Cloud storage companies (with their flashy, free 5GB of space) can go offline tomorrow. Servers crash. Thumb drives go AWOL. Files get corrupted. Power outages happen. Our precious digital footprints are as fragile as steps in the sand. God forbids some electrical apocalypse wipes out years of work. But should it happen I know analog will be there. So I will keep it close like the iPhone on my hip and iPad in my bag.

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