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A New Era

A New Era published on No Comments on A New Era

It’s been almost seven years since the creation of APNF and everything has evolved nicely. With the launch of Fave Comics, this webcomic will enjoy increased exposure and much more guest appearances. This is the flagship webcomic that started it all and we look forward to leading the way of Zombie Todd and I Am Husky Bae with our blend of comical soul.

A Pug Slightly Transformed

A Pug Slightly Transformed published on No Comments on A Pug Slightly Transformed

The very fist episode of APNF featured the coolest pug ever and his brother, Clyde, with delusions of ocean breezes while summer splashing in a kiddie pool. Nowadays, you can find the whole crew chilling in a bigger, sexier and more accommodating aquatic environment – with more friends, more fun and never-ending antics.

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