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A Pug Slightly Transformed

A Pug Slightly Transformed published on No Comments on A Pug Slightly Transformed

The very fist episode of APNF featured the coolest pug ever and his brother, Clyde, with delusions of ocean breezes while summer splashing in a kiddie pool. Nowadays, you can find the whole crew chilling in a bigger, sexier and more accommodating aquatic environment – with more friends, more fun and never-ending antics.

I’m not really sure why APNF has Clyde going “dive team” on his iPhone – I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work anymore and we all know Apple’s policies on water damage. *sigh*

Today marks the sixth anniversary of this webcomic and it is a blessing to have this idea in my head grow and touch so many people who appreciate a good laugh wrapped in an appreciation for great music.

I started this journey with a pack of pencils, drawing pens, a ton of Bristol paper, a scanner and some Adobe Creative Suite skills.

A special thanks to Todd Kelley and Philip Clark whose guidance and resources helped me evolve this webcomic into something great.

The webcomic community has been invaluable; especially Onezumi Hartstein (I will make it to a con) and Dani Jones (the best tutorials I’ve ever seen).

Thank you for helping me resurrect one of the first God-given gifts I received. Cheers to you!


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