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The Webcomic
A Pug Named Fender (APNF) is a webcomic chronicling the life and times of the coolest pug ever. APNF loves soul & hip hop music (on his trusted iPod touch), barbecue and playing video games when no one is home. He often daydreams of meeting his musical heroes like ?uestlove, Eric Roberson and Nicolay, but his real obsession is with the sounds of Lalah Hathaway.

His chill spirit is amplified by his mischievous adopted brother, Clyde and the ever sarcastic tomcat, Drew. APNF tells it like it is against a backdrop of fun situations, guest appearances from his musical heroes and soulful humor. In addition to celebrating music, this webcomic occasionally shares tidbits on how to upgrade the quality of life of your pet(s), so they can live luxuriously like our pampered pug.

The Creator
Before creating this webcomic, my online presence has been rooted in music. As an award-winning podcaster, musician, designer and writer, I allowed my first gift (of drawing) to lay dormant. I have returned to my cartoonist roots with the power of illustration, music and technology.

On May 6, 2010 — the real APNF passed away. In order to process his death and celebrate the joy APNF brought to my family and work, I chose to create a webcomic capturing the essence of APNF’s personality and love of music.


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