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Still Relevant

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This is one of my all-time favorite APNF strips. Originally released in August 2010, this was my response to the infamous Brown Twitter Bird, a cartoon character and Twitter hashtag that arose from a polarizing Slate article, “How Black People Use Twitter,” that was written at the same time.

The strip was written by my dear friend / writing  mentor, Will Dawson. The line art was pre-Wacom tablet, so I relied on my pencil, bristol paper and markers; however, the coloring was done in Photoshop after we scanned the image.

In a world of steadily evolving memes, Instagram pics and Facebook videos — some concepts just need to be put on the grill, served up, consumed and let that be the end.


Double Nuggets

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If you’ve never been to Cookout in North Carolina, you better ask somebody. It’s the TRUTH!


Still Cleveland

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APNF-ClevelandThis strip and its illustrious guest STILL gets mad love on Facebook — which is a testament to the relationship Cleveland Jones has with his listeners and friends. Much respect.


Throwback Comic – Keeping it Real

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In a previous reboot, I took the APNF crew on a journey through the pseudo world of reality shows. I was a fan of the Real Husbands of Hollywood; which prompted me to create a story arc where the fellas are immersed in the reality show culture.

From the confessionals to the product endorsements, these series of strips were my way of taking APNF out the box of traditional comic creation.



What a Wacom Difference

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It’s been more than two years since the comments came flooding in about APNF being  “punchier” and “more vibrant” than before.

Since the beginning, I’ve used Bristol paper, mechanical pencils and Manga pens to create the sketches/inkwork that are scanned into my computer for digital coloring and lettering:

A Pug Named Fender COMING SUMMER 2010 from Fave on Vimeo.

When I began lurking on webcomic forums and watching YouTube clips about the benefits a Wacom Bamboo Connect tablet, I wasn’t convinced it was the move for me. But I stepped out on faith, bought one and it changed my cartoonist life.

Cutting my production time by 70-80% meant more episodes without taking a huge chunk out of my (already time-starved) life. In 2015, APNF is 99.9999999% digital and I wouldn’t have it any other way:

Sketch II Screen: The Foreign Exchange from Fave on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.48.14 AM

Throwback Comic – Jimetta Rose Smith (for real for real)

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2012-07-26-jimettaI discovered her voice while producing my podcast several years ago. I delved into her spirit through social media. Depend on what day you ask, she and I go together. Jimetta Rose Smith has an anointing on her life so strong that I can feel it all the way from L.A. to the dirty south. Just like APNF has a thing for Lalah, I have an incredibly healthy affinity for JRS.

I couldn’t wait to use her photograph in one of the early APNF strips. Years later, I found myself doodling a bomb sketch of her that evolved into a guest appearance. How does my soulquarian queen look?


We Need to Do This Again

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Sketch II Screen • 2011 Redux from Fave on Vimeo.


I watched a lot of time-lapse videos on digital illustration and coloring during my research on creating a webcomic. Once I got APNF up and running, I dabbled in creating similar videos affectionately called “Sketch II Screen.”

Between using Camtasia to capture the video, converting the file, editing in iMovie/Final Cut Pro and exporting to Vimeo/YouTube…it was exhausting.

The process appears to be smoother than it was just 2-3 years ago. QuickTime handles the capturing and formatting. I can do a decent edit in iMovie without pulling out the big FCP guns. And honestly, the time-lapse videos are simply fun to watch; especially with a dope soundtrack playing in the background.

Looks like I’ll be adding this on the APNF to-do list. Ha!


Throwback Comic – Iron Pug

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2012-07-12-iron-pugDuring the excitement surrounding Iron Man and the Avengers, I thought I’d have some fun with the superhero thematic and the coolest pug ever. Everyone talks about how fly Iron Man was but no one ever thought about how a massive magnet could disturb his swag?

Shout out to Drew the Tomcat for bringing APNF back down to earth. LOL

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.25.57 AM

My Heroes

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Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.25.57 AMIn the midst of creating new installments of APNF, I make sure to share the process via social media. I’ve wanted to feature Carmen Rodgers on the strip ever since I met her in Atlanta over a year ago. One of the challenges is making sure my illustration of her is current with her ever-changing hairstyle 😛

I posted my initial sketches of her on Twitter and I was beaming when she tweeted back:


Pug Wear

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APNF TeeBack in the day, APNF had an online store via Zazzle. It was a cool function that enabled me to create APNF merchandise on-demand.

While rebuilding the APNF brand, I believe we need to have a modicum of inventory on hand for readers to rock, take selfies in them on Instagram, etc.

And it all starts with the T-shirt.

While this is a different lane than my passion for bowties, the APNF tee shirt is another component of my grandiose comic dream to make APNF a household name.