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Share My World

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When I started this webcomic, one of the initial elements was “mixed media” integrated into my illustrations. I’d use a JPG photo of Jimetta Rose as a wall hanging or put a Foreign Exchange‘s CD in APNF’s hand. I thought it was clever and would make my webcomic stand out amongst the sea of cartoonists on the web.Continue reading Share My World


Easy Like Sunday Morning

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This inaugural weekend of APNF episodes has been very encouraging. When I started this webcomic, I dropped a new episode twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday). Moving forward, I’ve decided to drop a new one every Sunday — with an occasional blog post throughout the week and (of course) some serious social media action on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Meet the Cast

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Pug Named Fender (APNF)

The coolest pug ever…sometimes to a fault. He prides himself on being different – he considers himself refined due to his love of soul music and hip hop. The only time he loses his cool is around his love interest, Lolah. This relationship is an inner-struggle between his love for her and his obsession with Lalah Hathaway.
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How APNF is Created

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In 2010…


The webcomic began with a clipboard, 80# 9″ x 12″ drawing paper, 12″ ruler, #2HB pencil, a Staedtler eraser and an idea. Once the concept is sketched out, it is inked with a mixed set of moderately expensive artist pensbefore being scanned and saved as a 600dpi Grayscale JPG file.
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Behind the Paper

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Before creating this webcomic, my online presence was rooted in music. I was an award-winning podcaster, musician, producer, designer and veteran blogger.
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The Etymology of APNF

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A Pug Named Fender is a derivative of the three elements in which it embodies: the passion of soul music, the braggadocio energy of hip hop and the colorful imagery of illustration.
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Don’t Call it a Comeback

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In June 2010, I launched the first episode of APNF on the first day of summer.

This week I’m bringing back the coolest pug ever and his friends as we approach the fifth anniversary of this groundbreaking webcomic. It’s been a blessing to have this idea in my head grow and touch thousands people who appreciate laughter wrapped in my love for music.
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